Begin Your Permaculture Gardening Journey!

This pre-recorded, fully online independent learning Permaculture Forest Gardening course will introduce you to permaculture and teach you the basics of permaculture design theory and edible forest garden design.

  • What You Will Learn

    Learn how to transform your own yard, school, workplace, or park into an edible forest garden by developing an understanding of: Permaculture Design Ethics, Principles, Strategies, and Techniques Site & Human systems Assessment * Plant Ecosystem Functions and Design Application * Edible and Native Plant Selection & Installation to Rewild our Landscapes * Maintenance: Weeding, Watering, Fertilizing * Harvesting & Preparation (Food, medicine, value added products) * Preservation and Propagation * Hibernation, Composting, Mulching – closing the loop.

  • How You Will Learn

    This is an asynchronous online course consisting of eight classes for you to complete on your own schedule. There are quizzes for you to complete as you progress through the course to check your concept understanding. In addition, for each lesson, design practice exercise recommendations to walk you through your own design project are included. This is an independent study course and there is no instructor engagement included. Course sessions will be released on a monthly basis beginning in April, 2021. Students will have access to course material for one year from the course start date.

  • Skills You Will Acquire

    Each pre-recorded class session will include suggested practice activities for skill-building and design practice to be completed on your own. Over the course, you will develop your permaculture design skills through practice exercises: Applying Permaculture Principles and Ethics * Applying Design Strategies and Techniques * Monthly Garden Planning * Monthly Garden Activities * Developing Observation Skills * Starting a Garden Journal to record your gardening journey.


Permaculture Forest Gardening Instructor

Permaculture Design and Gardening Instructor

Connie Kollmeyer

Connie has been an organic gardener for 25 years and specializes in natural, sustainable, and regenerative growing systems that produce an abundance of food, flowers, and herbs in relatively small spaces. She runs her own small-scale suburban farm, Copper Fox Farm, using her years of experience and learning, including knowledge gleaned from her 2014 Permaculture Design Certificate (hosted at The Resiliency Institute) and her Master Urban Farmer training through the University of Illinois Extension. You may have met her at local farmers markets selling fresh heirloom produce, herbs, and flowers, plus foraged items and herbal preparations. To broaden her foraged and herbal knowledge and offerings, she completed The Resiliency Institute’s Edible Wild Plants Certificate and Bioregional Herbalism Certificate. Connie also owns and manages Plot Twist Permaculture, growing gardens for others in their own outdoor spaces and coaching them to become successful organic gardeners on their own. Connie is a Master Naturalist, Environmental Educator, Adjunct Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Study Abroad Instructor at College of DuPage, and recently earned an International Permaculture Teaching Certificate after completing training in Spain. She is a volunteer in local natural areas as well as gardens and seed libraries dedicated to increasing food security, sovereignty, and community resilience. She has a small flock of backyard hens, and as a lifelong learner, she is currently learning beekeeping as well, and is pursuing her master of science degree in regenerative organic agriculture.


  • Is there a certificate for this course?

    No, because there is no direct instructor engagement or assessment there is no certificate for this course.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Full refunds are available prior to the first class session. After the class has begun, a pro-rated refund can be requested before the second class date. After the first class, no refunds can be provided, however a letter for donation can be provided for your tax purposes.

  • How long will I have access to the course material?

    You will have access to the material for one full year starting at the first class date.