Valuing Diversity

Working to overcome barriers

The Resiliency Institute wants our courses to be accessible to everyone, easing financial burdens so that our students can learn the skills and gain the resources they need to lead resilient lives and build resilient communities. We also believe that people should be paid fairly for their work, including our instructors, administrators, and tech folks who keep the organization running - a challenge for all mission-driven non-profit organizations. We do the best we can to find a fair balance.

We also recognize the history of the land that is called the United States and seek to do what we can to help rectify the deep injustices and systems of inequity that form today’s society, which is another reason we are working hard to decrease barriers to access for our classes.  "Valuing diversity" is a permaculture principle we uphold. Addressing social injustices toward the diverse people that make up our nation is why we value and are committed to increasing diversity in the global permaculture and resiliency-building movements. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTQIA+, refugee, DACA, financially challenged, essential workers, and other under-served and under-represented people are encouraged to apply.  


The Resiliency Institute offers many resources for free or at below-market value and uses a sliding scale, payment plans, scholarships, and work-trade opportunities to support our students when funding is available.


When you donate or enroll in a course at the full tuition cost, this:

  • Supports our mission to “Grow Food Security”

  • Provides access for those who have fewer resources

  • Supports the organization AND 

  • Helps keep our work sustainable

For anyone facing challenges to participating in our programs, we encourage you to reach out to us to help find options, from work-trade, barter, sponsorship solicitation, or other means:

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share Ethics

Whether you can help with a one-time donation or offer ongoing support, we appreciate you! Your donation directly supports individual students through scholarships, work-study opportunities, and sliding scale registrations, providing more opportunities for nature connection and growing food in our communities!

Abundant Support

If you are in a position to offer more support, please click below to donate any amount of your choosing. We graciously thank you for your support and for providing more opportunities for more students!

The Resiliency Scholarship Fund provides course scholarships, discounts, and sliding scale registrations to help ensure that students from all income levels and backgrounds have equitable access to our course offerings. Thank you for your help in supporting and empowering fellow community members.

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