Educating, Engaging, Empowering

We believe through teaching others, knowledge can be brought back to families, organizations and communities to evolve into the social capital network of connected, skilled people which is proven to be the foundation of resilient communities. Our course offerings are all aimed at teaching individuals how to design resilient lifestyles, landscapes and communities through knowledge and skill development. Our courses are designed to be as interactive as possible and to provide experiential, student-centered learning.

  • Resilient Landscapes

    Permaculture Gardening, Permaculture Forest Gardening, and Permaculture Garden Immersion courses all teach foundational knowledge of permaculture and sustainable systems design, focusing on growing an abundance of food in natural systems and designing resilient and regenerative gardens, landscapes, and foodscapes (beautiful, edible landscaping,) whether in small or large spaces, that are capable of abundantly providing for people and ecosystems.

  • Resilient Lifestyles

    Bioregional Herbalism, Edible Wild Plants, Wild Woman Project Circles, and Nature Rx certificate and immersion courses teach you the knowledge and skills to create resilient lifestyles, because we believe that self-care is critical to building resilient people which make up the foundation for resilient communities.

  • Resilient Communities

    Your participation in our courses directly supports our Growing Food Security community outreach programming - THANK YOU! If you would like a fruit tree guild garden, an edible forest garden, or a food forest in your community or at your school, church, or place of business, contact us today! We are also available to provide presentations, trainings, classes, and workshops for your community, park district, school, church, and business groups. Please contact us for rates and details.

Class Categories

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